exhibition by Olatunji Sanusi @ ODA | objekt.design.art

30 March to 28 April 2017

42 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek

+27 (0)21 8763809

join us for a glass of Franschhoek MCC to celebrate this exhibition

Vernissage, 17h30 to 19h30, Thurs, 30 March 2017


ODA objekt.design.art

Olatunji Sanusi is a Nigerian born, fine artist residing in Pretoria. He studied fine art at the Yaba College of technology in Nigeria. After obtaining his diploma in 2006, Olatunji worked as a full-time studio artist in his home country.
He immigrated to South Africa in 2009 and set up his studio in Johannesburg. He works in different mediums; since 2015 his focus has shifted to paper collages.

According to Yoruba legends, the world was created in Ile-Ife. The Yoruba believe that the world was originally covered with water. According to one version, the first man was created from clay and water. Water seems to have a special role in all these legends, indicating that life would not have been possible without the basic element of water.
This is also the foundation for the Yoruba beliefs that consider water to be a vital and sacred origin of life.

Olatunji Sanusi explores his joy and origins as an artist, as well as traditional legends around water being the source of life. He connects his inner artistic world where “ART IS LIFE” as well his Yoruba heritage to a topic of global relevance.

South Africa and many other countries in the world are currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in history with tight water restrictions in place; the collages created from recycled paper confront us not only with this worldwide crisis but transport us via Olatunji’s hauntingly beautiful visual language to the origins of joy and life.


I was  inspired by kids who love playing with water; children will be the ones to suffer the water scarcity most whether in their games or in their future life as adults. Therefor kids appear throughout this series. I also feel a strong connection to my own childhood as we loved playing with water of course. I keep memories close to my heart, about us running outside into the rain, making little boats from paper together with my friends and let them float in the puddles. Now, the paper boats have become paper collages…. Another inspiration came from the iconic  Nigerian  musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti who sang the song “Water has no enemy and know one can live with out water”, meaning water is life.