CROSS=ROAD – an exhibition at

ARTISTS – Mbongeni Buthelezi, Stanislaw Trzebinski

CROSS=ROAD places organically-loaded bronze sculptures alongside ultra-modern plastic paintings to produce an unexpected sense of harmony / contrast between the two mediums.

Curator Patrizia Litty describes the exhibition as a fascinating intersection of two African artists, whose messages are quite different, but both highly effective in their execution. Powerful bronze sculptures by 23-year old Stanislaw Trzebinkski look upon the equally striking works of internationally-acclaimed Mbongeni Buthelezi, who paints exclusively in plastic.



Most of his work, to date, has been an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between humans and nature. Entitled “Beneath the Surface”, his current series explores the “dissociation of the human condition from the natural world”. Rich in texture and detail, intricate human forms are meshed with samples of coral, shale and rock, bringing the notion of interconnectedness to life, beautifully.


Mbongeni paints with plastic. Armed with a heat gun, he uses scrap plastic and gives it new life, as large portraits and paintings.  This, he says, is what people can do with their own lives – no matter where they are or what they’ve done, they can turn things around. Buthelezi has recently featured on BBC and in the New York Times, recognized as a powerful artist, both visually and conceptually.

  • his work suspends the rational thought process and leads  into a new world of human existence and reality

  • he has emerged as a powerful force in the visual arts, both in South Africa & internationally